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The present municipality was formed in 1971 through the amalgamation of the City of Kungälv , the City of Marstrand and territories belonging to four rural municipalities. In 1974 a minor part (situated on the island of Hisingen ) was transferred to Gothenburg Municipality . Geographically | 2010/9/26 11:36:36

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Kungälv is roughly translated as "King River" and is such named because of the two rivers that float in the vicinity, Göta Älv and Nordre Älv . [ edit ] History According to Swedish official sources the city was founded in 1612, when the former settlement at Kungahälla was moved to

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Bohus Fortress ( Norwegian : Båhus festning , Swedish : Bohus fästning ) construction began in 1308 under King Haakon V Magnuson , king of Norway from 1299 until 1319. Håkon V also initiated construction of Norwegian fortresses at Akershus and Vardøhus as part of a broader defensive

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Kastellegården From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Swedish Wikipedia . (August 2010) After translating, {{Translated|sv|Kastellegården}} must be added to

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It is a located some 15 kilometers north of Gothenburg . Surte was the hometown of Alexander Samuelson. Although he was not the designer, he was the man named on the 1915 design patent for the legendary contour Coca-Cola bottle. [ 2 ] The international Grand Master of chess Gideon Ståhlberg

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Dennis Taylor (disambiguation) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Dennis Taylor (born 1949) is a retired snooker player. Dennis Taylor may also refer to: Dennis Taylor (racing driver) (1921–1962), British racing driver Dennis Taylor (singer | 2010/9/26 8:41:17

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The hilly terrain forced the planners to build the different parts of Angered at some distance from each other. Angered has a high immigrant population. Contents 1 Music 2 Sports 3 Transportation 4 References [ edit ] Music The pop singer and actress Laleh Pourkarim

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Ale Municipality was created in 1974, when the former municipalities of Nödinge, Skepplanda and Starrkärr were amalgamated. The new entity got its name from the old Ale Hundred , which had appoximately the same territory. It built one of the first indoor bandy arenas in Sweden (and subsequently | 2010/9/26 13:37:22

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The town Nödinge-Nol was once three communities: Alafors , Nol and Nödinge . They have grown together into one locality. It is situated approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Gothenburg next to the euro highway E45, east of the river Göta Älv. Nödinge community was originally called | 2010/10/1 12:30:39

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Lärjeån From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Lärjeån River Lärjeån between Gunillse and Linnarhullt. Country Sweden Length 55  km (34  mi ) [ 1 ] Lärjeån , Swedish river that flows from Stora Lövsjön , east