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Only Borgholm and Ottenby are documented in early writings to have been Viking settlements along with Halltorp, although archaeological records show evidence of Vikings at a number of other locations on Öland: namely, Gettlinge , Alby and Hulterstad . A manor house is thought to have existed

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One of approximately 20 known ringforts located on Öland, Ismantorp was never permanently occupied following its construction in about 200 CE, but used occasionally until abandoned around 650 CE. [ 1 ] The ringfort consists of a limestone wall approximately 300 meters long and has nine gates

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Solliden Palace From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Solliden Palace. Solliden Palace is the summer residence of the Swedish Royal Family . It is situated on the island of Öland , southern Sweden .   Links to related articles

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During the reign of John III of Sweden , patron of the mysterious Paar brothers (four engineers and architects from Milan ), the castle acquired a Gothic character and became exemplary of the Italianate bastion style. The music video for Roxette 's 1988 " Listen to Your Heart " and " Dangerous

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The traditional provinces of Sweden serve no administrative or political purposes, but are historical and cultural entities. Öland is part of the administrative county Kalmar County ( Kalmar län ) and is divided in two municipalities , Borgholm Municipality and Mörbylånga Municipality

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Flag Capital Borgholm Governor  - 1819-1821 Axel Adlersparre  - 1821-1826 Erik Gustaf Lindencrona History  - Established 1819  - Disestablished 1826 Öland County , or Ölands län , was a county of Sweden , between 1819 and 1826. It consisted of the | 2011/2/17 10:59:24

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Notable historic sites in this municipality are Borgholm Castle and Halltorps Estate . The local government reform in the 1970s saw the creation of two municipalities on the island of Öland . Borgholm Municipality is the northern of the two and consists of sixteen original (pre-1952) entities | 2010/9/25 1:28:01

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Borgholm is one of Sweden's historical towns with a former city status ( stad ). The city is best known for its once-magnificent fortress which is now ruined. Borgholm is, despite its small population, for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city . Statistics Sweden , however

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Gråborg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Gråborg Sweden Ruins of St. Knut chapel Type Castle Coordinates 56°40′0″N 16°36′12″E / 56.666667°N 16.60333°E / 56.666667; 16.60333 Coordinates : 56°40′0″N

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The Kalmar Strait , Kalmarsund , is a strait in the Baltic Sea , located between the Swedish island of Öland and the province of Småland of the Swedish mainland. The strait is about 130 kilometres long and between five and 25 kilometres in width. There is a road bridge across the strait | 2010/9/25 1:39:08