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In 1911 a municipalsamhälle (a kind of borough within a rural municipality, handling matters of urban character) named Mölndal was instituted in the municipality of Fässberg. In 1922 Fässberg was made the City of Mölndal . In 1971 it was amalgamated with Kållered and Lindome (the latter | 2010/9/26 6:04:26

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Vasastan, Gothenburg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Vasastan is a district in Gothenburg , Västra Götaland County , Sweden . While nearby Haga was a suburb for the working class with wooden houses Vasastan was built in stone in neo-renaissance | 2010/9/24 21:30:44

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The City of Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus . It lies by the sea at the mouth of Göta Älv —the river running through the city—and is the largest seaport in the Nordic countries . [ 4 ] Gothenburg is home to many students, as the city includes both the University

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Mölndal is located on the western main line railway between Gothenburg and Malmö and the European highways E6 / E20 run through the area from north to south. Mölndal is served by the Gothenburg tramway system. [ edit ] History Mölndal in 1870 The name of the city derives from

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The diocese of Gothenburg is a diocese of the Church of Sweden . Since 2003 the Bishop has been Carl Axel Aurelius . 1949–1970 it was Bo Giertz . The diocese includes the provinces of Bohuslän , Halland , and south-west parts of Västergötland . The episcopal see of the diocese is in | 2011/8/28 3:12:59

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The Haga Church is an 1859 church located in Gothenburg , Sweden . Construction of the church began in 1856 and was finished in 1859. The church and also the pulpit was designed by architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd . [ edit ] Organs and organists The first organ was installed in 1861 by the

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The Avalon hotel is a hotel at Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg , Sweden . It was nominated for the Kasper Salin Prize in 2007. It is part of Design Hotels AG . [ edit ] History The site of the hotel at the east end of the Idogheten neighborhood was built with a four-story stone building

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The Gothenburg Cathedral ( Swedish : Gustavi domkyrka / Göteborgs domkyrka ) [ 1 ] [ 2 ] is a cathedral in Gothenburg , Sweden . The cathedral is the seat of the bishop in the Church of Sweden diocese of Gothenburg . Contents 1 The original church 2 The first cathedral 2.1

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4,700 total full-time, [ 2 ] 2,500 scientific [ 2 ] Students 24,900 ( FTE , 2009) [ 1 ] Doctoral students 2,278 [ 2 ] Location Gothenburg , Sweden Campus urban Colours           blue , white Website The University of Gothenburg ( Swedish :

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Kungsportsplatsen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search The Kungsporten square towards Saluhallen and Avalon hotel The Kungsporten square with the statue of Charles IX Kungsportsplatsen is a square in the city centre of Gothenburg , Sweden