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The Göta älv is a river that drains lake Vänern into the Kattegat at the city of Gothenburg on the western coast of Sweden . It is located in Götaland , with the river itself being a site of early Geatish settlement. The length is 93 km. Often the combination of Göta älv and Klarälve

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The bridge was painted green for the 1995 World Championships in Athletics which Gothenburg hosted. Work started in 1993 and used about 36,000 litres of paint. The bridge was the finish line for the 2005–06 Volvo Ocean Race [ edit ] External links Älvborgsbron at Structurae Pictures

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It was composed of four districts: Kungsladugård Majorna Sanna Stigberget [ edit ] See also Boroughs and districts of Gothenburg This article about a location in Västra Götaland County , Sweden is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it . v · d · e | 2011/2/28 21:12:10

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It is the seat of Gothenburg Municipality , Partille Municipality and Mölndal Municipality . Gothenburg urban area stretches over four municipalities in Västra Götaland County . The population (as of 2005) is 510,491. [ edit ] References ^ a b "Tätorternas landareal, folkmängd | 2010/9/26 0:52:51

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Since the collapse of the shipyards, the area has been rebuilt into one of Gothenburg's finest modern neighbourhoods. The former machinery buildings have been renovated into an hotel with conference facilities. A 84 meters high gantry crane - the Eriksberg crane - stands as a remnant of the

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Majorna is an old area, originating from the times of Älvsborg castle before the foundation of Gothenburg in 1621 (see Älvsborg Fortress ). After the foundation of the city of Gothenburg, Majorna housed wharfs and other harbour-related business. It became a part of the city in 1868. The | 2011/2/18 21:44:21

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NHV was founded in 1953, started its programmes on Master's level in 1978 and on doctorate level in 1987. [ 1 ] [ edit ] References ^ "Public Health since 1953" . Nordiska högskolan för folkhälsovetenskap . . | 2011/2/7 9:34:04

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Today you can find the first trace of humans by the hillsides that was once beaches in an archipelago . The border between Sweden and Norway went through Biskopsgården from the 1200s until 1658 , when Bohuslän belonged to Sweden. One of the old yards, Biskopsgården, was used when the Bishop | 2011/9/15 3:13:21

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The major part of the Gothenburg urban area ( Göteborgs tätort ) is situated within the municipality, but there are also some other localities as well as rural areas. When the first Swedish local government acts were implemented in 1863 the City of Gothenburg, founded and chartered in 1621

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