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should be made King of Norway. Hardly a year later, members of the cities and towns gathered at Bohus Castle . There Haakon was hailed as king and perpetual fealty and assistance was sworen to him. The meeting at Bohus Castle created new bonds to the old line of Kings of Norway. The letter

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Magnus VII of Norway King of Sweden, Norway and Scania King of Sweden Reign 8 July 1319 – February 1364 (44 years) Coronation 21 July 1336 [ 1 ] (aged 20) Stockholm Predecessor Birger, King of Sweden Successor Albert, King of Sweden King of Norway Reign

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The name originally belonged to the fjord (now called the Sandefjordsfjord ). The first element is the genitive case of the name of the parish and former municipality of Sandar . [ 2 ] [ edit ] Coat-of-arms The coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 9 May 1914. The Viking

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trading town on Helgö began to emerge around the year 200 and are 500 year older than Birka at Björkö . The first archaeological dig in 1954 found not only remains of the early settlement, but also a workshop area that became of international interest. Among the finds were a small Buddha

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The Adelsö landscape consists of pine -clad rocky hills and moraine ridges dotted with fields and deciduous trees, mainly oak . The highest spot on Adelsö is Kunsta Mountain, which is 53.2 m above sea level. The top of Kunsta has an outlook tower offering a great view of the middle of Lake

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This combination is the longest river in the Nordic countries, 750 km [ citation needed ] . The Bohus Fortress is located by the river at Kungälv . Here the river splits into two, with the northern part being the Nordre älv and the southern part keeping the name Göta älv. At Trollhätta

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bought all railways on the west coast and began constructing Bohusbanan (the Bohuslän railway, Bohus Line ) between Gothenburg and Strömstad . It was intended to continue to Oslo but the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian Union stopped the construction of the line and Strömstad became

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images of the moves which are now printed in many editions of the book. [ edit ] References Bohuš Balajka: Přehledné dějiny literatury II . Prague: Fortuna, 2005. ISBN 80-7168-781-2 Reference – short biography [ dead link ] Taylor, John: "Prague as a Poem: Vitezslav Nezval and

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sources the city was founded in 1612, when the former settlement at Kungahälla was moved to the Bohus Fortress . However, this is disputed due to the fact that other sources indicate that it was the capital of Norway at one point under Sigurd I Magnusson. Sigurd I Magnusson (Sigurd Jorsalfare