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During the Swedish reign over Finland, the island was notable for being a post transport base in the archipelago on the Finnish side. Mail was ferried by the inhabitants of Björkö to the islands of Holmöarna , Sweden. They got reductions in taxes and exemption from military service for this | 2010/9/27 1:03:53

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Björköby was an independent municipality until 1973. [ edit ] References ^ " Byar kommunvist i Svenska Österbotten " (in Swedish). Svenska Österbottens Byar. 2005-07-25 . . Retrieved 2009-04-18 .   v   •   d   • | 2010/9/24 18:51:11

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The area has been inhabited since before the time of Swedish dominion over Finland ; the first habitations can be traced to at least the 11th century and possibly earlier [ 1 ] . Today there are four major communities on the island, Replot kyrkoby, Norra Vallgrund, Södra Vallgrund and Söderudden

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The Replot Bridge ( Swedish : Replotbron ; Finnish : Raippaluodon silta ) is a cable-stayed tuftform bridge connecting the island of Replot with the mainland in Korsholm , near Vaasa , Finland . It is 1,045 metres (3,428 ft) long and the longest bridge of Finland. Two supporting pylons

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The name Valsörarna is of Swedish origin, roughly meaning "the islands of whales." It is believed that the name was derived from the stone-clad shores and the moraine which resembles a whale . The Finnish name Valassaaret is believed to have been derived from the Swedish word. [ edit ] | 2010/9/26 20:55:21

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Johan Grönberg, a merchant from Vaasa, obtained the building on June 4 th 1816 , with a surrounding area of a hide, from a farmer. [ 1 ] The second floor might have been added by him. [ 2 ] Grönberg founded the glassworks of Grönvik (1812 – 1907) at the same homestead as the mansion

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It has been suggested that the hill of Haltija in Grönvik was in old Finnish belief the place of a local tutelary deity , Haltija, who answered for the unthreatened living of the inhabitants in the area. [ 12 ] The area has been substantial for the communications from Finland to Sweden,

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The University of Vaasa ( Finnish : Vaasan yliopisto , Swedish : Vasa universitet ) is a multidisciplinary, business-oriented university in Vaasa , Finland . The campus of the university is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia adjacent to downtown Vaasa. The university has evolved from a school

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Wasalandia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Wasalandia Location Vaasa , Finland , [[ ]] Coordinates 63°05′26″N 21°35′11″E / 63.090529°N 21.586375°E / 63.090529; 21.586375 Coordinates : 63°05′26″N 21

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The predecessor of VÖS was Wasa Trivialskola , which was officially founded in 1684, although teaching began already in 1611. The name Trivialskola refers to the trivium , and in that time, the subjects were religion, Latin and Greek . In 1844, the school changed its name to Vasa Gymnasium | 2010/9/25 3:57:33