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There are 15 islands in the group, the largest is Bolshoy Beryozovy (Large Berezovy, Finnish: Suuri Koiviston saari). Other islands include Zapadny Beryozovy (West Beryozovy, Finnish: Länsi-Koiviston saari) and Severny Beryozovy (North Beryozovy, Finnish: Pohjois-Koiviston saari). The total

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Bolshoy Beryozovy Island From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Bolshoy Beryozovy ( Russian : Большой Берёзовый ; Finnish : Koivistonsaari ), alternatively spelled Bolshoy Berezovy , is the largest of the Beryozovye Islands in the Gulf | 2010/9/25 19:19:02

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Primorsk was first attested in Russian chronicles as Beryozovskoye ( Берёзовское , lit. birch village ). The original Finnish name Koivisto, means "A group of birch trees, Birch forest". Swedish name Björkö means "Birch island". In 1268, when the German merchants from Gotland

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Pribylovo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Pribilovo IATA : none – ICAO : none Summary Airport type Military Operator Russian Navy Elevation  AMSL 131 ft / 40 m Coordinates 60°27′30″N 028°44′48″E / | 2010/9/25 20:15:38

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Sovetsky, Leningrad Oblast From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search For other uses, see Sovetsky . Coordinates : 60°32′N 28°41′E / 60.533°N 28.683°E / 60.533; 28.683 Sovetsky ( Russian : Сове́тский ; Finnish : Johannes ) | 2010/9/26 7:50:59

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The Bay of Vyborg ( Russian : Выборгский залив , Finnish : Viipurinlahti , Swedish : Viborgska viken ) is a deep inlet running northeastward near the eastern end of Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea . The city of Vyborg is located near the head of the gulf. The bay is connected

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The Battle of Vyborg Bay ( Finnish : Viipurinlahden taistelu ) was a battle in the Finnish - Soviet Continuation War (1941-1944). Contents 1 Background 2 Order of Battle 2.1 Soviet 2.2 Finnish 3 Fighting 4 Aftermath 5 References 6 Bibliography [ edit ] Background

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The fortress of Trångsund (literally: "narrow strait") was built to the order of Peter the Great in the beginning of the 18th century after Russia had captured the area from Sweden during the Great Northern War . In 1812, Trongzund was included by Alexander I of Russia into the newly-created

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Between 1918 and 1940, the island was a part of Finnish territory, and was called Ravansaari . It was inhabited by nearly one thousand Finns, who earned their livelihood mainly from the timber industry . [ citation needed ] During World War II , in 1940, it was annexed by the Soviet Union

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Lokhaniemi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Coordinates : 60°38′39″N 28°40′37″E / 60.6442°N 28.6770°E / 60.6442; 28.6770 Lokhaniemi ( Lihaniemi before 1948, Russian : полуостров Лоханиеми , Finnish : | 2010/9/24 22:42:36