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The Adelsö landscape consists of pine -clad rocky hills and moraine ridges dotted with fields and deciduous trees, mainly oak . The highest spot on Adelsö is Kunsta Mountain, which is 53.2 m above sea level. The top of Kunsta has an outlook tower offering a great view of the middle of Lake

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Hovgården is located on the flat country north-west of the Romanesque Adelsö Church , characterised by a narrow rift valley stretching north to forest-laden moraines . These historical meadows lands were cultivated in the 19th century and have hardly been altered since, as several well

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The Romanesque church, itself founded in the 12th century, is located next to Hovgården , an excavation site and a World Heritage Site dating back to before the Viking Age (c. 800-1050 CE). Contents 1 History 2 Notes 3 References 4 External links [ edit ] History No

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This runestone has an intricate design with the runic text within serpents. The inscription is unsigned and is classified as being carved in runestone style Pr4, which is also known as Urnes style . This runestone style is characterized by slim and stylized animals that are interwoven into

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Next to the ruin is five burial mounds — the largest with a diameter of 45 metre — dating back to the Vendel Era (i.e. Late Iron Age , c. 500-800 CE) when Hovgården was a so called King's House ( Kungsgård ). The royal castle Alsnö hus reflects the importance of Birka , the trade

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The village has a 12th-century round church . This article about a location in Stockholm County , Sweden is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it . v   •   d   •   e | 2010/9/26 2:43:02

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During the Viking Age , Birka listen ( help · info ) ( Birca in medieval sources), on the island of Björkö (literally: "Birch Island") in Sweden , was an important trading center which handled goods from Scandinavia as well as Central and Eastern Europe and the Orient. Björkö is

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The oldest of the ancient remains on the island is a small burial ground on the elevated section on the southern part of the island. It encompasses nine stone structures, of which two are burnt mounds and one is a cairn known as Ingas grav ("Grave of Inga"). Their character and elevated

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Tuna, Södertälje From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Tuna Panorama of Tuna with a church (Ytterenhörna kyrka) Tuna Coordinates: 59°15′N 17°29′E / 59.25°N 17.483°E / 59.25; 17.483 Coordinates : 59°15

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Färingsö From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Färingsö in dark red, just west of Stockholm . Färingsö or Svartsjölandet is an island in Sweden's Lake Mälaren . It covers an area of 79km². The island is a part of Ekerö Municipality | 2010/9/26 21:17:22