County of Gothenburg and Bohus

Göteborgs och Bohus län
County of Gothenburg and Bohus
County of Sweden

Coat of arms

Capital Gothenburg
 - 1996-1997 Göran Bengtsson
 - Established 1680
 - Disestablished December 31 1998

The County of Gothenburg and Bohus, or Göteborgs och Bohus län, was a county of Sweden until December 31, 1998 when it was merged with the counties of Skaraborg and Älvsborg to form the county of Västra Götaland.

The former county was named after the City of Gothenburg, and the historical Province of Bohuslän (Bohus Castle). Gothenburg was the seat of residence for the Governor, and represented the westernmost part of the province of Västergötland.

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