Beryozovye Islands

Coordinates: 60°20′N 28°34′E / 60.33°N 28.56°E / 60.33; 28.56

Beryozovye Islands (Russian: Берёзовые острова; literally: "Birch Islands"), alternatively spelled Berezovye Islands, is an island group in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. The islands are situated at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, just outside the town of Primorsk on the Karelian Isthmus.

There are 15 islands in the group, the largest is Bolshoy Beryozovy (Large Berezovy, Finnish: Suuri Koiviston saari). Other islands include Zapadny Beryozovy (West Beryozovy, Finnish: Länsi-Koiviston saari) and Severny Beryozovy (North Beryozovy, Finnish: Pohjois-Koiviston saari). The total area of the group, stretching along the coast for 200 km, is 92 km². They are protected by the state as a seabird sanctuary and one of the Ramsar sites in Russia.

Between the World Wars, the islands belonged to Finland, to a commune then called Koivisto (Swedish: Björkö). The main settlement on the islands was then called Saarenpää (Krasnoostrovskiy). The islands gave name to the Treaty of Björkö (1905).

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