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The human brain is the center of the human nervous system . Enclosed in the cranium , the human brain has the same general structure as that of other mammals , but is over three times larger than the brain of a typical mammal with an equivalent body size. [ 1 ] Most of the spatial expansion

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Although there are many dialects of English, the following are usually used as prestige or standard accents: Received Pronunciation for the United Kingdom, General American for the United States, and General Australian for Australia. Contents 1 Phonemes 1.1 Consonants 1.1.1 | 2011/10/5 6:16:37

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Asperger syndrome is named after the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger who, in 1944, studied and described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, demonstrated limited empathy with their peers , and were physically clumsy. [ 5 ] Fifty years later, it was standardized

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2003 Socorro LINEAR 188292 - 2003 BP 71 January 28, 2003 Socorro LINEAR 188293 - 2003 BJ 76 January 29, 2003 Palomar NEAT 188294 - 2003 BJ 92 January 26, 2003 Anderson Mesa LONEOS 188295 - 2003 CE 3 February 2, 2003 Socorro LINEAR 188296 - 2003 CK 4 February | 2010/9/25 20:56:16

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Bohuslän is named after the Norwegian Medieval fortress Bohus fästning . Bohuslän was part of Norway from c. 1050 until the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, which also saw Skåneland (Blekinge, Halland and Scania) transfered from Denmark to Sweden. Contents 1 Administration 2 Heraldry

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Chiropractic: from Greek chiro- χειρο- "hand-" + praktikós πρακτικός "concerned with action" ( OED ) Alternative medical systems Acupuncture   · Anthroposophic medicine   · Ayurveda   · Chiropractic   · Herbalism   · Homeopathy   · Naturopathy

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TBI is a major cause of death and disability worldwide , especially in children and young adults. Causes include falls, vehicle accidents, and violence. Prevention measures include use of technology to protect those who are in accidents, such as seat belts and sports or motorcycle helmets,

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The heritability of autism is the proportion of autism that can be explained by genetic variation ; if the heritability of a condition is high, then the condition is considered to be primarily genetic. Autism has a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of autism is complex and it | 2011/4/20 7:26:32

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A cofactor is a non- protein chemical compound that is bound to a protein and is required for the protein's biological activity. These proteins are commonly enzymes , and cofactors can be considered "helper molecules" that assist in biochemical transformations. Cofactors are either organic | 2011/4/30 22:18:05

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Treatment goals for type 2 diabetic patients are related to effective control of blood glucose , blood pressure and lipids to minimize the risk of long-term consequences associated with diabetes. They are suggested in clinical practice guidelines released by various national and international